76th Annual WritersDigest Writing Comp

Unfortunately, the two Writer’s Digest links below have changed. If you are interested in reading the story or interview please see the links on the profile page beneath ‘Publications’.




8 responses to “76th Annual WritersDigest Writing Comp”

  1. Hello. I was in this contest, as well, and only (I say only simply because of the position you won, not because I feel it is a throw-away position 🙂 ) received honorable mention. Just wanted to say congrats on your wonderful story and for receiving the well-deserved top spot.

  2. Thank you for that! And no, honorable mention is far from a throw-away position…what category did you enter into? What was the story about?
    I am not entirely sure that my head has wrapped itself around all of this yet but I am enjoying floating a few inches above the earth!

  3. Hello – I just talked to my friend Greg who encouraged me to submit my story to the 76th Annual WritersDigest Writing Competition. Ironically, when I missed his call last night, I was reading your winning manuscript on-line. I thought it was a winner for sure. Congratulations!

  4. and to add to the irony I was just logging in to my email account to read Greg’s story!

    Thank you!

    As Greg said (and in fact my own words to a friend) it feels a little like winning the writer’s lottery!

    I have just finished the last of this semester’s graduate study and am now about to plunge into full time writing (while monkey-wrangling my two children…although now I feel a wimp in light of Greg’s triplets!)

    Again thanks for the congrats!

  5. Yes – I’ve got two of my own, but a little older than yours; two girls, the oldest is 15 going on 40, and the youngest, who is 11 and still pretty much a cuddler. I actually placed 4th in the catagory of genre. I was pretty surprised myself. Now I’m trying to decide how to market the story. I think it’s probably going to a science fiction magazine, as soon as I stop procrastinating.

    Yep, Greg and Maggie have their hands full. All three girls are mischievous and tiny geniouses at keeping Greg and Maggie on the move.

  6. Hi, I just read your beautiful, beautiful Salamander Prayer. It’s an amazing piece of writing–so succinct, so lyrical, touching and true. Warm congratulations, and all the very best for your writing. I hope to read your novels some day. Just believe in yourself and keep going, don’t get pressurised by the awards and expectations that we readers and writers have from you. Good luck!

  7. Hi Eros-Alegra,

    Good to see that you and Dan are home once again. I hope you’re not too exhausted from the trip. It was wonderful to have had dinner with you in Ithaca last week and to have met Dan. I can see you’re perfect for each other. Just like B and C.

    Keep making that spellbinding prose. We will continue to follow your career from this vast distance, which will definitely prompt us to visit you in NZL one of these years.

    MK and I will miss you, although this place will provide us with a clue to what is going on in your lives and feel somewhat connected.


    — Bill Larson

  8. I love your site! 🙂

    Experiencing a slow PC recently? Fix it now!

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